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My Struggle With Characters

One of the most difficult parts of writing I encountered early on was character construction. I exhausted myself worrying about how I needed a large, rich cast of people and animals to better fill my fictional world; and it almost drove me to quit. I’m glad I didn’t, because now I look back and know I don’t have to worry, and you shouldn’t either. How you tell your narrative is up to your own discretion and planning. But please don’t string twenty adverbs together and claim it’s just your “style.” Learn the craft and correct boundaries. There are plenty of rules broken by expert writers, but you can’t break a rule without first understanding it. So starting us off, we need to understand this powerful truth: We aren’t George Martin.
I could’ve picked any other name, but I’ll use him as an example, and until 2015 I’d never heard of Martin or his famous A Song of Ice and Fire novels. (Maybe in high school I considered A Game Of Thrones for a book report, but the memory is too hazy to co…